Where the fish outnumber the people...porch swings are part of the present, not the past... and sugary white sands entice bare feet...Grand Lagoon, Panama City Beach, Florida.

Natural rhythms, an old friend

A mullet leaps and upon re-entry gently disturbs the water’s glassy surface. No one can say for sure why mullet jump – and maybe we try too hard to find scientific reason. Possibly, just possibly, the mullet jump for joy. Rain minnows dart perilously between the yellow legs of a green heron working the shallows. At intervals, the hunter takes practiced aim with its beak and strikes, adding another delicate course to its breakfast. Once full, the heron will lift itself into the air, sound a piercing keyow and land on it's favorite branch in the magnolia, now in bloom. Shortly, white-winged doves will be along with calls more soothing. There is great pleasure to be had in watching the lagoon get up in the morning. Here, your home complements a Florida you had overlooked for far too long. Here, you are part of natural rhythms. It’s as if you have been reunited with an old friend unseen for years, but now that you’re back together, you resume a conversation as familiarly as if you have never been apart. Today, you may visit the Gulf, go to town, check the headlines and scuff a few at the driving range. There will be time for all of that. But, for now, your life has a Pointe. Grand Lagoon Pointe.


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